How you can help?

“ Allah assists his servant as long as his servant is assisting his brother “

Please help support us to provide these much needed support, equipment and facilities that would make Hajj possible for countless disabled Muslims. Donations and inquiries visit our website

Please donate generously as your much needed contribution will go a long way in making Hajj possible for countless disabled Muslims. The funds raised help provide advice, support and equipment for the disabled person in order to go on the Hajj and are used for accommodation, airfare, qurbani and other Hajj expenses. UK & European Disabled Hajj Mission is a registered charity that also provides tour operating services for that and all profits from that service are used to help countless other disabled Muslims wishing to go on the Hajj.







Hajj customised Wheelchairs

Will help towards buying a Hajj customised wheelchair and its supply and maintenance. Which is equipped with many useful items such as the hands free adjustable umbrella and water bottle holders.

Also a reclining back and rising foot rest to change into sleep position and attached wheelchair bag for clothing and personal items. There is also a detachable dinner tray and easy grip pebble picker.

Disabled Toilets

Will help towards buying and organising disabled tent toilet in Mina and Arafat.

As the toilets at Mina, Arafah and Muzdalifa are not all accessible for disabled people. We intend to make the toilets accessible with the use of roll-up ramps and assistance if needed from male/female carers.

Will provide a blind person with a Hajj information pack in Braille and tactile diagrams such as the 2 Holy Mosques.







We help towards buying specialised equipment such as roll up ramps.

We help towards buying specialised equipment such as pebble pickers for Muzdalpha.

We help towards buying specialised equipment such as water bottle holders.







Multi-lingual Speaking Wheelchair Attendants and Sighted Guides

Prior to the Hajj / Umrah we will recruit and train local individuals to be able to safely push wheelchairs and act as sighted guides. Each one will be carefully assigned according to language and individual needs.

Wheel Chair Accessible Vehicle

We aim to have our own private disability adapted transport for the airport pick ups and drop offs, the Madinah to Makkah by road journey, Mina, Muzdalifa, Arafat and all Ziarat tours.


Only 5 star hotels in Makkah and Madinah are completely wheelchair friendly. We therefore aim to adapt each room to the needs of the individual, with the use of grab rails, support frames and roll up ramps.



Will help towards the running of pre Hajj seminars with sign language for the deaf and arrange individual special needs assessment

Lending a Helping Hand - Disability Support

We aim to meet the needs of our disable community by providing social, emotional and practical support who may be suffering from ill health, isolation & deprivation. We liaise closely with various organisations to ensure that the needs identified by the disable community are met as far as possible.

Dignity Project

The Dignity project provides:

  • Home-visits, providing respite care for the carer
  • Talking and listening - which is sometimes all that's required
  • Help with shopping, cleaning and paperwork
  • Being a friend and confidante

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