About Us

Welcome to Disability Awareness UK. We have been working with disabled people since 2000 in many parts of the UK. Integration was our aim. Having learnt, from firsthand experience, when they first become aware of disability, the more impact it will make on them and they will have no problem accepting disabled colleagues later in life.

About US Mission & Vision

DHM has been established with a view to not only serving the Muslim community but to assist and serve the United Kingdom community as a whole. There are an estimated 2.8 million Muslims in the UK (approximately 4%), with over 55% being British born. The British Muslim community is constituted from a vast range of different national and cultural origins, and there are also a significant number of Muslim converts.

DHM needs to ensure the Government and the Muslim community recognises the fantastic work being done at grass roots level by many Muslim organisations. We need to share across the country and across sectors the many excellent examples of good practice in projects that are already up and running. DHM creates a platform for Muslim communities to network and share knowledge, skills and experiences on a wide range of issues and by working together to bring about positive change in their lives and in their communities. We work closely with strategic, operational and grass roots voluntary and community organisations.

DHM encourages partnership working at local, regional and national level as well as collaborative work between Muslims and different faith groups. DHM offers support to religious bodies and charities, offer Information and Advice, Health Promotion / Education, Older People's Services, services for the Refugee/Migrant communities, Women's Activities, Sports and Exercise, Youth Services, Community Cohesion and Training Programmes, these are key facets of our work.

Furthermore, we intend to raise awareness within the community and Government on issues that may interest or concern Muslim communities through statistics, research and reporting.